The Mission: To connect with entrepreneurs, new and experienced, young and old, all across the world to educate, motivate, and inspire how to use Shopify to build a successful ecommerce business and live a life of freedom.  
It's Been An Amazing Year - New Updates Coming Soon!
10/20 - 10/21: China Ecom Summit -
11/1 - 11/3: Arab Affiliate Summit -
The Worldwide Tour Has Been A Massive Success, More Than 20 Countries In One Year! But Now I Need Some Time To Work and Scale My Business. More Events Will Be Coming In 2019- This Tour Is In Big Demand And Big Plans Are In The Works! See You Out There!
Hi, my name is Nick Peroni. I'm creator of Ecom Empires, a Facebook Group where I actively lead over 65,000 entrepreneurs from all across the world in our like-minded goals to build a successful ecommerce business. 

From the very start it's been my mission and my passion to help as many people become successful as possible. And right now, the opportunity has never been better! 

It's been truly incredible and humbling to see how this community has quickly become one of the leading ecommerce homes and resources for so many people from all walks of life. 

I'm proud to say through online training and community help alone, we've already been able to help thousands find their path to online success from all parts of the world. 

And now the mission is even bigger. I want to help more people, and spread the impact of this message even further. So I started the "Worldwide Ecom Tour" to bring success to your country and city in person! 
If You'd Like To Organize A Mastermind In Your City/Country, Then I'd Love To Be There And Bring Ecom Empires!
These videos from two masterminds I hosted- one in Bali and one in the Philippines- show how amazing an experience and what an impact these types of events will have in your life!

(And as you'll see in the video, it's not all work. We have lots of fun and make real friends too!)
I'm here to help others succeed, so let's do this together! I'll travel anywhere to any country and any city. 

Here's how it works: I'm looking for people who are willing to organize this event in your local area. You find the venue, you organize the tickets, and I show up to bring everything I have for people to learn how to build a successful business with Shopify. 

There is no profit from these events. The ticket prices for attendees are only to cover two things: 

1. The cost of the venue or co-working space we use. 

2. The cost of me being there for the event, which includes accommodations and airfare.
The Details For Organizing In Your City
  • Location and Dates: This is the first step, and the one with the most variables. We need to decide first the type of event: it can be either a 1-2 day workshop, or we can do a 5-7 day mastermind retreat. Both are great and both have a different format. Mostly this choice depends on cost and availability in the schedule. For a workshop, we can use a co-working space and cost will be low per person to attend. For a mastermind retreat, we'll need to rent some type of villa or hotel where we can work and live in the same area. And the cost will be higher because it includes a lot more. Also, I'll have to check availability within my own schedule and current events already happening in the Worldwide Ecom Tour.
  • Attendees: Ecom Empires is currently over 65K members, and there are many people constantly looking to attend these types of events. Depending on what country and what type of event, the number of attendees can be different. And also consider that most of the attendees will be based in your country, so it helps if you already have a network or means to let a community know withing your city/country. But I will help fill the event, and all of my events to date have sold out quickly. For mastermind retreats, usually a size of 15-30 is great. For workshops, we can look for more like 40-50 people. And anything larger, we'll figure out together. 
  • Cost: These events are currently NOT for profit. That means Ecom Empires is not profiting, and I am not coming to do an event for you to profit from it. However, I do expect to cover my travel and accommodations as part of ticket sales. So when figuring a price, we need to first figure out the venue and how much it costs for the time needed. Then we need to figure my costs to be there for the duration of the event, including airfare to and from. And finally, we need to figure out any additional costs like food and drinks, equipment, videographer, etc that the event requires. Once we have all the costs into an estimate, we divide it by number of attendees we want. That's how we get the cost per person to attend. Usually the organizer is responsible for covering initial costs and accepting payments. 
  •  Resources: The working space we use should obviously have great internet connection, strong enough to host the whole group online at once. Other considerations are having some type of white board, chalkboard, or some type of writing easel for classroom-style lessons. We should also have a TV with HDMI, or a projector to have live demonstrations and hook a computer into for duplicate display. As the organizer, you should be prepared to help lead the flow of the event and get everything ready to give the attendees a great experience. This includes helping to manage the event page, plan activities for the group (if applicable), start a group chat for everyone (if applicable), and organize details.
The information covered in the group and in the free videos of Ecom Empires is responsible for so many results like this. Imagine how much more powerful the time spent in an intimate setting learning and working on your business will be! 

People who attend these events say the value is worth more than masterminds they've spent thousands for. Plus I've seen time and time again people apply this information and start crushing out big numbers like this. 

Everyone's journey is different, but the point is anyone who attends this type of mastermind is going to leave with some sort of breakthrough to help them get to the next level. These types of events are how we develop as entrepreneurs to be better.

Here's a video explaining my vision for these masterminds and events, and exactly what you will get out of them if you attend or help organize one:

The Money-Making Content We'll Cover...
Ecom Mindset and Strategy
Building Your Shopify Store
Shopify Store Optimization
Shopify Business Models
Niche and Product Research
Winning Product Case Studies
Designing For Print On Demand
Facebook Ads Testing
Facebook Ads Scaling
Knowing Your Numbers
Ecom Marketing Mastery
Understanding Funnels
Profit Multipliers For Your Store
Principles of Copywriting
Pricing Structure
Outsourcing And Team Building
Improving Conversion Rates
Best Shopify Apps
Other Traffic Sources
How To Create Value In Your Niche
Mindset For Success In Business
Drop Shipping Success
Building A Sustainable Brand

And any questions that come up while we're there together!

This is not a college lecture or a boring seminar. These topics are constantly being updated, and then presented with passion and enthusiasm in an open format. Every mastermind I've done people said the first day alone was worth the whole thing. So you can be sure this content is packed to over-deliver the most critical concepts and skills needed to succeed.
Connect With People That Take Your Business To The NEXT Level, And Make Friendships That Last!
These masterminds are about learning, but they're also about growing together as entrepreneurs. And growth requires you find and interact with other entrepreneurs that are on the same mission. Not only will you come out of these masterminds feeling recharged and ready to crush the ecom game with a solid plan for your Shopify store, but you'll have a support group to help you along the way!

It's such a rewarding experience to work and interact with other people from all around the world who understand you, and want to help you, and want to see you succeed to fulfill your true potential. That's the true spirit of these masterminds.
Any city, any country - We can plan the mastermind for your area next!

It's really that simple. This is not a sales page or something meant to convince you. I only want to be there and work with people who are excited and motivated to be part of this mission. Because it's about others and disrupting a greedy industry of wanna-be gurus by simply paying it forward to help people find real success in their lives.

So if you're interested in being part of this vision with me, then just contact me through the email below, or through my Facebook profile, and we'll get started planning details. But please only contact me if you are serious and have the resources to organize the logistics of this mastermind like mentioned above. 

Once we have the place and dates set (can be tentative at first), we can work on building out whatever is needed to start getting attendees. That may include creating a special landing page, creating an event on a site like EventBrite, or creating a private group/Facebook Page for the event attendees to get information and sign up. 
Ecom Empires Has Already Visited:

Taipei, Taiwan
Ubud, Bali
Atlanta, Georgia
Marina Bay, Singapore
Seminyak, Bali
Hanoi, Vietnam
Manila, Philippines
New Delhi, India
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Bangalore, India
Bagiuo City, Philippines
Bangkok, Thailand
Cluj, Romania
Shenzhen, China
London, England
Barcelona, Spain
Huangzhou, China
Hanoi, Vietnam
Bohol Island, Philippines
Tokyo, Japan

Let's make your city NEXT!
Testimonials For The Value Of These Masterminds
Speaking At Your Event Or Conference
The Worldwide Ecom Tour is not only about masterminds. I've spoken as part of large events like Affiliate World and have networked with many of the top-level organizers in this industry. 

I'm considered an ecommerce thought leader and can help your event reach a large network of interested people. So if you're interested in having me speak at your event, or working to organize some type of event or conference together, then let me know. 

I look forward to working with you, and spreading this mission to the world!
-Nick Peroni, Creator of Ecom Empires
Copyright 2017. Ecom Empires. All Rights Reserved. 

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